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Thursday, March 24, 2005

The Murder of Terri Schiavo!

This is the most ridiculous case I have ever seen and I am most disappointed in this country and our judicial system.

  • Those who oppose keeping Terri alive are the same people who would keep killers from getting the death penalty. She has committed no crime!
  • They are concerned about how we treat prisoners of war and how our interrogation techniques violate their human rights. What about the rights of Terri to LIVE, only her husband has said she wants to die!
  • They want to make sure those prisoners are fed proper Muslim meals. But she is denied the most basic needs of food and water!

Treating Convicted murderers Better Than Terri

  • Terri is NOT in a persistent vegetative state (PVS) - Neurologist for DCF - "Terri not PVS" (PDF)
  • Many nurses have stated that Terri is alert and alive and her husband has consistently denied giving her any help and rehabilitation.

This is NOT a political issue. This is a human rights issue, the right to live.

  • She is not on a ventilator or any machinery to keep her alive. She is only given the basic human needs of food and water.

Would you kill your child if he/she was mentally unable to feed herself?

Put the tube back in today, Terri is dying a slow death of starvation, we don't allow anyone to die that way! We don't allow assisted suicide, yet we allow the killing of this woman.

It is of my opinion that there may be good evidence to charge Michael with attempted murder, possibly murder if she dies. All they are asking is to have a retrial to show evidence not allowed in the first trial.


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